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Nourishing Choc-Almond Bliss Ball Recipe

Whenever I run a workshop or course, I offer these delicious chocolate bliss balls as a nourishing treat. I get so many requests for the recipe, that I decided to write a blog post to make it easier to share the love. make these incredibly easy, quick, (refined) sugar free, gluten free, dairy free balls of goodness, all you'll need is:


- 500g of pitted dates

- 500g nuts (I recommend toasted almonds but you can use whatever you like)

- cacao or cocoa to taste

- desiccated coconut to roll the balls in

(you can also add any additional flavours you please. Eg - orange zest; peppermint oil; ginger; cardamom; cinnamon; vanilla pod paste etc)


- put the dates into a saucepan on a low heat and add a little water - around 1cm on the bottom of the pan. As the dates warm up, you can use a potato masher to squish them into a paste. Add a little more water as necessary to prevent sticking to the pan. Once the dates are one large date-paste mash, then turn the heat off.

- Using a food processor or heavy duty blender, blend the nuts into small pieces or nut meal (if you don't have a food processor you can buy and use readymade almond meal instead).

- In a large bowl, combine the nuts, cocoa, and any additional 'flavours' you like, then stir through the dates. Once the dates are warm rather than hot, you can use clean hands to form a 'dough' texture with the date/nut/cocoa blend.

- roll into balls and roll in coconut.

It only takes about ten-twenty minutes of preparation, then you can pop them in the fridge.


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