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Introductory 4-week Course

Choose between Trauma Sensitive Yoga programs offered regularly both online and in-person:



What others are saying ABOUT trauma sensitive yoga with sarah

"So well facilitated. The style of teaching was clear, constructive, & sensitive, as well as being open and embracing. Sarah's use of diverse references and speaking from experience, as well as the reflection at the beginning of each week made the course in depth and very experiential. I would say it's helpful for anyone." Jo

"So that concludes four weeks of transformative social work and yoga professional development and practice, delivered by the incredible Sarah Ball. As a teacher, I have used her strategies daily to enhance the wellbeing of both my students and myself ... 100% self-care ... totally worth 90 minutes of travel in each direction. Can't recommend Sarah and her workshops highly enough!" Kim

"An extension of trauma-informed theory from social justice frameworks, but placed in a practical form and accompanied by a soul restoring practice." Course Participant

"Sarah is a wonderful teacher. The yoga is suitable for everyone. Supportive and compassionate environment."  Course Participant

"I enjoyed everything, especially the time at the beginning to listen followed by the yoga practice later. Sarah made me feel so safe and relaxed. I would say it's a fascinating course regardless of why you're here. Interesting, challenging and reflective." Course Participant

"I really appreciated that there was no sharing of our own stories in the class, which allowed me to feel safe and really focus on myself. I loved the slow, rhythmic practice and feel that it's a fab course to start your awareness of trauma in the body." Course Participant

"Great for practitioners and those struggling/family/friends to understand the experience of trauma. As a mental health professional this course allowed me to put the principles into practice." Emma

"The respectful way of presenting made it feel very safe and comfortable." Course Participant

"Bloody excellent. soul nourishing. Calming. Relaxing. Very gentle and respectful. The perfect balance between theory and practice. Learning yoga as a beginner, this course was transformative. This course made me want to do yoga regularly. Sarah's use of real examples of how real people/client's journey through trauma experience was supported through Trauma Sensitive Yoga practice really stood out for me." Andrea

"Sarah's passion for this topic was infectious. Everything was explained so clearly. An excellent course with a great instructor." Course Participant

Your facilitator

Alongside practising yoga since 1995, teaching since 2003, and completing numerous yoga teacher trainings specialising in adaptive yoga teaching, I am also a social worker, eating disorder recovery counsellor, registered senior yoga teacher, and art therapist. I founded the popular 8-week Yoga for Anxiety and Depression, and Body Love Yoga courses, and teach trauma-sensitive yoga on numerous yoga teacher trainings. I am also a member of the teaching team for the Trauma Informed Practice and Mental Health subjects in the Social Work Department at University of Wollongong. Learn more about me here

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