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Body Love Yoga


1-Day workshop


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A 2005 study surveyed 3,300 girls and women between the ages of 15 and 64 in 10 countries. They found that 67% of all women 15 to 64 withdraw from life-engaging activities due to feeling badly about their looks.

(Gonzalez, A., Kohn, M.R. & Clarke, S.D. (2007). Eating disorders in adolescents. Australian Family Physician, 36 (8), 614-9).

end the struggle with your body. feel at home in your own skin.

live more.

Upcoming workshops dates are here

Do you...


Often think your body should be thinner, stronger, more flexible or just isn’t good enough in general?


Spend time wishing or trying to change your body?


Avoid yoga, or feel down on yourself when practicing it because you don’t have the ideal ‘yoga body’?


Compare your body to others?


Hold back from doing things you love in life, out of fear of not looking good enough?


Long to feel great about yourself?


You're not alone, as the study below shows

(I think we can agree it's time to make a change!)...





How can you make the shift from wanting to love your body (but not really feeling it on the inside), to living it as a daily reality?


The Body Love Yoga workshop is designed to provide you with real, tangible answers to this question.




This one-day workshop is for anyone wishing to feel more at home in their body, and move beyond self-limiting beliefs. The workshop includes therapeutic vinyasa flow and yin yoga, journaling, meditation, group processes, and creative practices.  


Excellent for regular yoga practitioners, complete beginners, yoga teachers, therapists, and health professionals.  Open to all levels of experience.


I founded Body Love Yoga in 2012, and have since been running this workshop around Australia.

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What Body Love Yoga participants are saying



This article in the Newcastle Herald (written by Body Love Yoga participant Tarnya Davis) gives a more detailed insight into the experience of the day.

“Thank you so much for last weekend. It was an amazing experience.” Workshop participant, 22


“I loved Sarah’s amazing ability to generate a lively group dynamic” Workshop Participant, 55


“I loved all of it. So well thought out – from music, food, yoga, philosophy, quotes, wisdom, experiences….we need more of this in our communities.” Workshop participant, 48


“I so valued the sharing that really solidified the sense of community and togetherness…I would love to come to a weekend retreat in future.” Workshop participant, 30


“ This work is SO needed– feeling empowered!!! I loved the whole day, even the challenging aspects. Thank you so much!” Workshop participant, 46


“I particularly valued the openness and honesty that were encouraged in relation to all topics in the workshop. Sarah’s story is so relatable and she offered tangible, transferrable practices, as well as building ongoing community and providing additional support to us help integrate the ideas post-workshop.”

Workshop participant, 30


“Such a great day. I enjoyed hearing of other’s experiences, learning new tools, relating with other people, and experiencing an introduction to yoga practice….what I needed as a pick-me-up.” Workshop participant, 24


“I was pleasantly surprised at how tangible and useful it all was. Not a dull moment, with high-energy and zest for hours – and I usually have a limited attention span! Thanks – it was amazing” Workshop participant, 30


“Thank you Sarah. It was a beautiful workshop format that is empowering and enriching. You create a safe, confidential environment where new ideas can be explored with openness and honesty. I loved learning to honour the body, and soul, and to be kind.” Workshop participant, 45


“I loved this workshop – thank you so much Sarah. You are an incredibly warm, honest, authentic and skilled teacher. I loved the connection with others and realising we share the same stories. Please keep sharing!” Workshop participant, 31


“I absolutely loved it. There is something incredibly powerful about connecting with other women. Knowing I am not alone in how I feel and the struggles I have and learning practices I can use to quieten the internal critic was really valuable to me….feel like anything is possible!” Workshop participant, 30


Upcoming workshop dates

......Check out my BOOKINGS PAGE for upcoming workshops dates.

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“The biggest obstacle to any kind of transformation is the voice that tells you it's impossible”

Geneen Roth

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