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 Yoga Teacher Trainings 

Guest Teaching

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I envision a yoga teaching community who are highly skilled in working with diverse populations, and equipped to confidently and ethically support the mental health, as well as physical and spiritual health, of our students.

I regularly teach on level 1, & level 2 yoga teacher trainings, as well as yoga therapy trainings.


I specialise in the following subjects on yoga teacher trainings and in public forums


Yoga and Body Image: How Yoga Harms, How Yoga Heals. 

Body-Positivity in Yoga Teaching and Practice

Teaching Yoga for Eating Disorders

Teaching Yoga for Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health

Yoga for addiction recovery

Trauma-Sensitive Yoga

Yoga for Social Justice 'Off The Mat'


Teaching Yoga for Diverse Populations


Languaging and Theming Classes

Developing a Personal Practice

Designing workshops and courses

Burnout prevention and sustaining teaching long term

The Ethics of Teaching

The Art of Facilitation

Introduction to Counselling Skills for yoga teachers

Just as I believe in the power of the breath to unite body and mind, I believe in the power of embodied learning, and sharing stories to unite and empower our community.


Learn more about my work with yoga teacher trainings and public speaking....


I regularly teach on the faculty of the following Yoga teacher trainings:

Adore Yoga, Yoga Therapy training Sydney.

Ray of light 200 hour teacher training, Bulli NSW.

Ray of light level 2 teacher training, Bulli NSW

One Family YOga & Fitness, Brisbane

Off The Mat, into the World Australia - yoga and social justice trainings

-  click here to listen to a United Nations panel i spoke on, about 'yoga and the body beautiful'

- this 'yoga show' podcast features an interview with me on the subjects of yoga, body image and mental health

- Community Health Events

- Yoga Festivals

- Workshops, Retreats and Intensive programs


Please get in touch if you’re interested in discussing a teaching or speaking opportunity.


To find out where I'm speaking, head over to my schedule page.



What Others Say...



“Sarah provides a much needed angle to Yoga through her work of giving a voice to Body Image and the responsibility of the yoga industry and its teachers to provide a way to connect to the body as opposed to disconnect; as a way to listen to the wisdom of the body as opposed to overrun it, as a way to celebrate innate beauty as opposed to be living up to another standards.  This work is imperative for the times we are living in, when yoga is indeed booming but at the risk of cutting it off from the depths of the practice, which in my opinion is to provide a tool for Freedom - real freedom, in all of its many facets.  Sarah is a dedicated teacher and practitioner, she makes yoga real, and delivers her knowledge in a way which is inspiring, captivating and authentic.  She is a credit to any retreat, training or discussion of Yoga in the modern World.  And it is always a privilege to teach by her side.” Bex Tyrer, Yoga Teacher, One Song Yoga, SOSA, Yoga Barn - Bali. Indonesia


“Our trust in Sarah’s work has inspired us to invite her back to our trainings as a guest speaker on the topic of body image and building positive body awareness. This is a topic especially important to aspiring yoga teachers and practitioners alike.  Sarah's warm passionate nature infuses her inspirational work, which is of great significance to yogi/nis of this day and age. We look forward to opportunities in the future to collaborate again.”

Simone MacKay, Director of teacher training and co-founder of the School of Sacred Arts.


"I so loved the workshop and listening to your wise words - you are incredibly articulate and warm in your delivery and I learned a lot." Participant of 'Teaching Yoga for Eating Disorders' workshop with Adore Yoga, Sydney

"Sarah is my good friend and co-worker and her workshops are second to none.  She has taught me so much about the prison and the possibilities of our own body image. What she opens the door to can have the biggest impact on us as women and is an essential contemplation as we walk out into the world as teachers of a body based discipline." Cate Peterson, Community Leader Off The Mat Into The World Australia

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