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Yoga In Cambodia

Every month Krama Yoga NGO Provides:
More than 75 outreach yoga classes
to more than 300 kids
through 7 partner organisations
supported by ONE global yoga community
This short video tells you the story of Krama Yoga, the yoga-based Non-Government Organisation I worked with in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in 2013 (Many thanks to my brother Ben for his help in creating the video).
As a global yoga community there is so much we can do to support Cambodian youth to have access to the benefits of yoga. These kids - whose lives have often been unfathomably challenging -
tell us that yoga helps them to sleep better; focus at school; practice compassion towards their peers;
and to feel optimistic and empowered about their future.
find more about Krama Yoga NGO and their wonderful work at

 June 2013, co-leading a yoga class for sixty young women with my colleague, Liya - Krama Yoga Teacher , at a Peace Corps Camp in Kampot province, Cambodia.

Feel free to get in touch with the team at Krama Yoga via to ask questions or find out how you can contribute to this amazing organisation. 

Krama yoga ngo kids Class in a rural province, Cambodia.

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