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Yoga In Action Course


the flagship program of International non-profit Yoga Organisation

Off the Mat into the world



“The heart that breaks open can contain the
whole universe.”

Joanna Macy

“Don’t ask what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.

Because what the world needs is people

who have come alive.”

Howard Thurman

:: Find your deeper purpose ::

:: Cultivate community ::

:: Make a difference ::


What Is the Yoga In Action course About?


Yoga in Action is an exciting and inspiring series of 7 workshops that will help you discover your deeper purpose, become part of a dynamic community of yoga activists and make a real difference in the world. Through self-inquiry and collaboration, these workshops will help you become a force for real and empowering change.


There are aspects of the yoga we practice on our mat that can be limited. We can perfect our asanas, strive to do more advanced ones, deepen our ability to steady and quiet our minds in meditation, and heal our bodies significantly. Personal healing is the first (and vital!) part of our yoga practice.


The other essential part of the practice is interpersonal; it has to do with the yoga of our relationships to other people as well as to our environment and other living beings. The course has been refined over the last several years by a team of yogis, psychotherapists, activists and artists in the US. The purpose of this 7 week program is this journey from the personal to the interpersonal; it is to know deeply our connection to all things, and to let this be a source of inspiration and support in our lives.


Yoga In Action will give you the tools and support you need to explore how your unique talents can be harnessed to offer sustainable service to yourself and others.


Themes of the Seven Weeks:

Each of the seven weeks has a core theme which we explore through asana (yoga postures), as well as powerful group and personal reflection processes.


We begin with a focus on grounding and self-inquiry in the first weeks. During this time we establish safe connections and clarify our particular personality and passion; what scares us and what lights us up. We name and own our gifts, as well as uncover any shadow aspects that might be influencing us in holding back in our lives.


The middle weeks focus on our interconnection to all living beings and using this to fuel our conscious action. We begin to feel the importance of community and support, and how we can share our gifts with others in empowering ways.


The final weeks focus on building a personal vision and acquiring skills of collaboration so that we can make manifest our particular vision for our purpose in the world. All of this culminates in action!


“Action” can be many things, ranging from healing relationships with family and friends, to extending oneself to the larger community, and to doing national or international work. The main intention is to understand the nature of our interdependence and our unique role in the web of life; to feel significant and as a part of this greater whole.


What Will I Take Away From The Course ?


With the support of a small group, the course leads to action within our community and outside world. An initiative of the global organisation Off The Mat, Into The World, this powerful workshop series will culminate in a grassroots project that will bring our community together in meaningful service.


Graduates From This Course Have:


Developed better communication, negotiation and facilitation skills


Enjoyed more honest, emotionally satisfying relationships


Found a greater clarity of purpose


Forged better relationships within their local community


Started environmental regeneration projects in their local communities


Raised funds for local community groups, and local and international NGOs


Rediscovered their passion and enthusiasm for their work and business.


Completion of the seven-week course makes you eligible to apply to become a facilitator of future Yoga In Action courses - a unique opportunity for you to become a leader in the field of yoga, seva (service) and social action in Australia....of course you are absolutely welcome to come with the sole intention of deepening your own personal work with yoga inquiry and purpose!


Courses soon to begin in the following locations


Check out the official Off The Mat Into the World Website here to join the mailing list for upcoming dates and locations



Cost for the Course:

The course cost is $560 for the seven week program.

An inital deposit of $190 is required to secure your place.


Please note - when making your deposit, please send a short email to Sarah at and she will send back a confirmation of payment and more info for the course.


Courses are kept to a maximum of twenty participants, including one bursary position.


Partial proceeds of all courses go towards starting our local Seva project and our global seva partner The Hunger Project.


All Off the Mat courses are non-profit. In keeping with Off the Mat principals we offer one bursary position in each course. This position is by application. If you or someone you know would love to join us but it is beyond their budget please apply here.



Your Facilitators:

 Cate Peterson and Sarah Ball


Get in Touch...

By clicking here

Or call Sarah on 0425 203 224

Or Cate on 0419 609 991


Where Can I Learn More?

 You may also like to explore further by following these links:

The Off The Mat website,

Viewing or reviewing YogaWoman,

Listening to Off The Mat Founder Seane Corn

Joining the Facebook community.



Who Is Off the Mat, Into the World?

This seven-week course is an initiative of Off The Mat and Into The World, Australia. This global non-profit program uses the power of yoga to ignite personal and social change. It facilitates personal empowerment through leadership trainings, fostering community collaboration, and initiating local and global service projects. Participants learn how to apply yoga practices and insights to be more powerful change-makers “off the yoga mat” in their lives and communities



Booking Terms and Conditions:

Workshop fees are non refundable. Payment by instalment can be arranged by contacting facilitators directly. Should you cancel your booking more than four weeks prior to start date, 50% of the balance after non-refundable deposit will be given. No refunds will be made for cancellations made within 4 weeks of workshop start date. All bookings are transferrable and may be used by another person if you are unable to attend.


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