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The Collective for

Eating Issue Recovery

Eating Issues are complex. And not just clinically. Eating issues can feel incredibly complex, personal, and painful for the person caught in the grasp of restrictive or excessive use of food.  


Unfortunately there's a dearth of nonclinical services available to women in recovery from eating issues. Our aim in The Collective for Eating Issue Recovery (TC4EIR) is to remedy this gap in service provision.


Our collaborative interdisciplinary group is based in the Illawarra NSW. The vision we hold as facilitators of TC4EIR is to offer events, groups, and retreats in which women can experience the space to re-envision life beyond eating issues of any kind. We believe there is an art and science to living life with ease and flow. Combining yoga, mindfulness, creativity and modern psychology, TC4EIR supports women to reclaim their sense of self and to create a life unburdened by disordered eating. 

To learn more about my inspiring colleagues from TC4EIR follow the links below. It is a great privilege for me to work alongside these two remarkable women, who are my co-founders and fellow principle facilitators of The Collective for Eating Issue Recovery programs. 


Emily May.

Psychologist, Narrative Therapist, and inspiring psychology coach:


Amy Layton.

Counsellor, Yoga Teacher, and specialist in working with teens:

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Past retreat event: 
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