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Focused Counselling Sessions

As a qualified social worker, counsellor, art therapist and yoga teacher, I integrate Western and Eastern treatment modalities in individual work with people of diverse ages, gender identities and life stages. Focused counselling sessions support growth, resolution, and change during difficult periods of life, so that you can more easily access and live from your own guidance and innate intelligence, to live a life that inspires and enriches you.


I have worked with, and collaborated with diverse organisations and settings, including adult mental health inpatient services; drug and alcohol detox programs; The Butterfly Foundation; CAYMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service); and The Eating Issue Centre. I have also been working in private practice since 2011.  


In a typical session, you will be invited to explore a range of therapeutic tools to according to your interests and needs, from talking therapy, to art making, somatic therapies, and mindfulness-based movement, as well as cognitive therapies including acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, and dialectical behavioural therapy perspectives. These diverse therapeutic approaches are guided by each person's interest to explore, or decline, a way of working, so you can be sure that sessions are tailored to you in the counselling space.  

When deciding on whether or not to work with a counsellor, it important that you feel a 'good fit'. Please feel very free to contact me to arrange a time for a 15 minute phone chat, so you can decide whether you're interested in booking further sessions together. 

i Specialise in working with: depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, loss, 
body image, and eating issue recovery
location &
Pricing Structure: 

I am available for counselling sessions in person from my clinic in Bulli in the Illawarra NSW, or on Skype, through which I work with people around the world. (Note: Skype can seem unusual at first but in no time it feels just like sitting in a room together...)


So no matter where you're located, if you want to connect with one-on-one support, we can find a way to work together.

Sessions vary from short term or single appointments, to regular ongoing sessions, depending on your needs. I work only with a small number of people at a time, so please do get in touch to discuss your needs. 


Initial fifteen minutes on phone or skype - free (this brief discussion is for those who haven't worked with me before or been to a workshop with me so you can ask key questions and get a sense of whether I'm the right person for you to work with) 

First session  $130 (1.5 hours)

Follow-up sessions $100 (1 hour)

6-session package: $510 ($90 discount from 6 individual follow-up sessions)

please get in touch here to arrange a time to chat or schedule your initial session

“Thanks for your support and care on my journey - I feel totally "held" by you through my processing and I am feeling so inspired and heard. Always look forward to what will unfold in our sessions.”

Counselling Client

"Thanks so much for today’s session. Really helped me organise my thoughts and gives me so much hope and a clear direction forwards. Feeling super positive!"Counselling client 

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