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 Mentoring for

Yoga Teachers

Yoga teacher training is often a ripe playground for self-growth and personal evolution, yet beyond teacher training, we can find ourselves on our own and can feel that there is still more room for growth and refinement of our teaching skills, and integration of yogic principles in our daily life. It can be difficult to know where to turn for ongoing learning and support without investing the time and finances into another long training program. 


There is another option...mentoring: 

Just as you hold space for others in your teaching, it’s valuable for each of us as teachers, to have someone to support us in the process of refining our personal learning and teaching. 


Mentoring provides you with a regular check-in and forum for learning to more effectively (and enjoyably!) integrate your practice, personal life, and professional aspirations.


Professional counsellors, psychologists, social workers and others in the helping professions all have  regular supervision with a qualified professional, to enable them to fully embody their profession and personal ethics, yet yoga teachers often have few opportunities to reflect in this way.


These specialised mentoring sessions for Yoga Teachers offer a tailored, utterly non-judgmental space for you to explore your own life challenges, enrich your understanding of why you teach, and how you can refine your teaching, and deepen your capacity to align your actions and beliefs ‘off the mat’ with your passion for yoga and yogic principles in daily life. There is also plenty of opportunity to work on any area of your teaching or professional life that may feel stagnant or in need of refinement.


Whether you're...


- A recent graduate wanting to continue learning, and refining your teaching skills

- Wanting to learn how to bring an idea for a workshop or course to fruition through design, planning and promotion

- Feeling impacted by negative body image and wanting to heal your own, while supporting students to do the same

- Dealing with persistent performance anxiety, or difficulty gaining confidence in teaching

- Struggling with how to support yourself financially and energetically as a yoga teacher

- Wishing to have someone to dive deeply into yogic principles and philosophy, or teaching principles with you, and be able to more richly integrate these into your classes....


Or any other number of possible motivations…..


mentoring sessions are specifically designed for yoga teachers, to offer you the space, self-nurturing, and time to clarify and clear the way in your life….


Why work with me?

I have been teaching yoga since 2003, practising since 1995, and am a registered senior yoga teacher with Yoga Australia. I am a faculty member of several level 1 and level 2 yoga teacher trainings, as well as yoga therapy training programs in Australia. I also teach Trauma Informed Practice in the social work department of the University of Wollongong. In 2012 I founded Body Love Yoga Australia, and have since founded Y4AD (Yoga for Anxiety and Depression - an 8-week course). I am also a qualified counsellor, art therapist and social worker, specialising in eating disorder and body image, and trauma-sensitive yoga teaching. I have been a senior course developer with Off The Mat Into The World Australia, and sit on their national leadership committee. I travel regularly to teach, and spent much of 2013 coordinating a non-profit yoga studio in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Having completed multiple yoga teacher trainings in diverse traditions, as well as extensive training in social justice, mental health, social work, and counselling, I bring a broad range of perspectives to my mentoring work. I love to work with yoga teachers to facilitate rich discussions that challenge our assumptions about our role as yoga teachers, expand our awareness of the applications of yoga in diverse contexts, and refine our capacity to facilitate change on both the personal, and social level.

As a woman deeply committed to the principles and practices of yoga, yet living in the midst of everyday life, I understand - both professionally and personally - the challenges of being a yoga teacher today. Found out more about me here.



Single/occasional session: $120 one hour

Six-session package: $600 (6 x 1-hour session).

NOTE: Session packages can be used weekly, fortnightly or monthly, in accordance with your needs.


I work on Skype for those at a distance, or from my clinic in Bulli for those in the Illawarra region, so we can work together wherever you are. 


Get in touch here to ask a question or book your first appointment.

You support others all the time in your teaching.


...Who supports you in this process?


You love yoga. You teach yoga.The philosophy of yoga aligns deeply with your soul and your values.


And yet….


You have a yearning to:

  • feel more supported in your teaching process

  • continue to enrich your understanding of teaching principles,

  • refine and diversify your offerings

  • feel more authentic in the way you integrate yogic principles to hold space for yourself and your students

"Sarah has been a valuable partner in my journey as a yoga teacher.  I approached her for mentorship after I had been teaching several years and felt my classes, as well as my own personal practice had plateaued.  I wasn't feeling creative, inspired or as driven as I had as a brand new teacher.  Without solving my problems for me, Sarah guided me through questions, readings and her own vast experience into realizing an area of yoga that I was particularly passionate about and could bring some new challenges to me as a teacher and a yogi.  She also offered great resources to help inspire more creativity in my teaching and home practice that I still utilize today.  By the end of our time together I had created a workshop-style class that allowed me to dive deeper into a demographic of yoga students I was particularly interested in, and I had some pizzaz back in my daily flow classes.  I never felt judged by Sarah, as she very clearly and genuinely wants to build up yoga teachers and students and help others achieve their goals and find success and happiness in what they do."    Kirsten  - International Yoga Teacher

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