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What others are saying about Courses and trainings with sarah

"Hi Sarah Thank you so much for yesterday. Your knowledge and delivery is excellent as is your approach. You are one of the best facilitators I have ever experienced, and I felt that your integrity is impeccable. I learnt way more than I expected and believe that you have left me with so much that I will integrate personally as well as professionally over time. I look forward to training with you again in the future." Adrianne, Trauma Sensitive Yoga trainee

"This is a complex body of research. Sarah has the ability to distill important aspects into pieces of information that can be applied to teaching to improve the experience of class members, while also assisting the teacher to identify other areas of personal interest in the subject matter." Fiona, Trauma Sensitive Yoga trainee

"Yoga is not just for the elite, the well, the skinny, the able or the brand wearing. Yoga, just like us, come in many forms, and like us, that’s the beauty of it!!  I’ve booked more training with Sarah for next year, and, if you can’t tell by my excitement, I highly recommend her courses for all you yogA teachers out there who need reinvigorating!!!" Jessie, Trauma Sensitive Yoga trainee

"It was a pleasure to meet you on Saturday and to attend such a well delivered, informative, helpful and interesting workshop. Your expertise and passion for your work shines through and creates a positive environment for learning. Thank you for creating a space in which I had a breakthrough of my own and was still be able to learn." Wendy, Trauma Sensitive Yoga teacher trainee

“This is yoga, but not as you may know it through past experiences, or images on social media. This course encourages you to do what you can and offers you a range of options on postures dependent on your capabilities. There is time to rest the body, reflect, learn, and heal yourself.” Jodie, course participant

“Wow. Just wow. I loved that the course wasn’t overly structured or inflexible about how to practice. It was just really inclusive, offering lots of options with different movements and adapting to you as an individual. Sarah has a beautiful, calming voice and manner. The class is a non-judgmental, non-competitive, in a warm and welcoming environment. I am new to yoga classes because I never thought I could do it, but I just loved it. Thank you.” Therese, course participant

"Sarah is incredible in terms of her knowledge! No two classes are the same. She creates a beautiful, nurturing space for self-exploration, and a lovely community vibe too." Renee, Course Participant

“Sarah’s course is a beautiful opportunity to pause and reflect on the ways yoga can expand your understanding of wellbeing. Whether approaching it from a professional or personal perspective, Yoga for Anxiety and Depression will add a valuable selection of trauma-sensitive strategies to your toolkit.” Clem, course participant

"I would recommend this yoga course to anyone...even if you don't suffer from a mental illness. I just finished the course and I was beyond amazed! Sarah the instructor is such a lovely soul with many facets. I would love to do it again!" Megan, course participant

"Words cannot express how much I loved the class last night and how my state of being and feeling, body and mind drastically transformed from my frazzled state beforehand to a way more peaceful and uplifted state after. Your balance of wisdom, compassion, gentleness, lightheartedness and fun was simply perfect." Lisa, course participant

"Loving the class, love the talks, and all the info. Thanks for doing all the research/home work" Dave, course participant

"The course is full of detailed descriptions to understand yoga in a whole new way" Course participant. 

"Just wanted to let you know that my partner and I are really enjoying the course and getting a lot out of it. We're learning so many new things! The way you explain things is awesome." Joanna, Course Participant

"Just a quick thanks for helping me back on my feet...with the help of some amazing people, such as my beautiful wife, my doctor, psychologist and now you, I am in a place I thought was impossible 8 weeks ago." Tony, course participant

"I just wanted to send a quick email to say how much I truly appreciated tonight's class. I had had a day that meant by 6pm I was wound up to the point of chest pain and nausea and it really helped me so much. I also loved the 'story'/information in class, it really resonated with me. Thank you!" Rebecca, course participant

“I'm currently doing Sarah's yoga for anxiety and depression course and have learnt so much. Sarah is a joyful, heart felt teacher who brings an unique perspective on what yoga can offer regardless of your experience. She is generous in sharing tools for resilience in this wild journey called life" Penny, course participant

"It was good to have the weekly talks that linked to the practice - it makes it more specific and easier to guide my practice. Also very beneficial were the weekly handouts. Coming each week made my head so much better." Helen, course participant

"I loved how supportive the environment is for people with anxiety or depression, or people new to yoga with all the options and invitations offered...I learned that it's ok to play in yoga, which i think will make it much more likely that i'll practice at home. it is a whole learning journey, not like any other class I have experienced. So much warmth in this room." Josh, Course Participant

"Taking this course is an act of kindness to yourself and the society we find ourselves in. Sarah will meet you where you're at. If you've ever been turned off, hurt, or intimidated by the machismo in yoga, then come to this class as the antidote. It will be as athletic as you like, as mentally challenging as you like, and I hope, like me, you'll find it enriching and revitalising"

Cath, Course Participant

"I really took away from the course a home practice. Even though I have done yoga for ages I have never had a home practice. I guess I thought I would have to plan a whole practice and that seemed too overwhelming. Your description of how to practice at home made so much sense and made a personal practice seem so much more achievable. Also that it can be 5min. I really enjoyed the course. Thanks" Nicole, course participant

"I thought the course was very helpful and am so glad I did it. I think everyone can benefit from doing it as we all experience anxiety in some shape, its just the nature of our society. What I valued most about the course was the fact that I felt respected and not judged in any way. I liked the fact that I could just be! without having to talk. I felt very nurtured. I valued the meditative benefit of the course. I would most definitely recommend the course. Your kind teaching style was very nurturing. I could have listened to you talk endlessly Sarah. The price point was excellent for the quality of the teaching. The parking was easy. I left the course with tips on how I could practice yoga at home which is great because you can do it in your PJs and its free. The value of the teaching was excellent and I got so much more out of the course than I do in a yoga class." Sonja, course participant

"So well facilitated. The style of teaching was clear, constructive, & sensitive, as well as being open and embracing. Sarah's use of diverse references and speaking from experience, as well as the reflection at the beginning of each week made the course in depth and very experiential. I would say it's helpful for anyone." Jo

"So that concludes four weeks of transformative social work and yoga professional development and practice, delivered by the incredible Sarah Ball. As a teacher, I have used her strategies daily to enhance the wellbeing of both my students and myself ... 100% self-care ... totally worth 90 minutes of travel in each direction. Can't recommend Sarah and her workshops highly enough!" Kim

"An extension of trauma-informed theory from social justice frameworks, but placed in a practical form and accompanied by a soul restoring practice." Course Participant

"Sarah is a wonderful teacher. The yoga is suitable for everyone. Supportive and compassionate environment."  Course Participant

"I enjoyed everything, especially the time at the beginning to listen followed by the yoga practice later. Sarah made me feel so safe and relaxed. I would say it's a fascinating course regardless of why you're here. Interesting, challenging and reflective." Course Participant

"I really appreciated that there was no sharing of our own stories in the class, which allowed me to feel safe and really focus on myself. I loved the slow, rhythmic practice and feel that it's a fab course to start your awareness of trauma in the body." Course Participant

"Great for practitioners and those struggling/family/friends to understand the experience of trauma. As a mental health professional this course allowed me to put the principles into practice." Emma

"The respectful way of presenting made it feel very safe and comfortable." Course Participant

"Bloody excellent. soul nourishing. Calming. Relaxing. Very gentle and respectful. The perfect balance between theory and practice. Learning yoga as a beginner, this course was transformative. This course made me want to do yoga regularly. Sarah's use of real examples of how real people/client's journey through trauma experience was supported through Trauma Sensitive Yoga practice really stood out for me." Andrea

"Sarah's passion for this topic was infectious. Everything was explained so clearly. An excellent course with a great instructor." Course Participant

“I just wanted to thank Sarah and the other beautiful people I met for such a wonderful day at the Yoga workshop. To be in a room where there is so much genuine caring and authenticity was quite a revelation for me. ”  Workshop participant

“I was pleasantly surprised at how tangible and useful it all was. Not a dull moment, with high-energy and zest for hours – and I usually have a limited attention span! Thanks – it was amazing” Workshop participant 


“Thank you Sarah. It was a beautiful workshop format that is empowering and enriching. You create a safe, confidential environment where new ideas can be explored with openness and honesty. I loved learning to honour the body, and soul, and to be kind.” Workshop participant 


“I loved this workshop – thank you so much Sarah. You are an incredibly warm, honest, authentic and skilled teacher. I loved the connection with others and realising we share the same stories. Please keep sharing!” Workshop participant


“I absolutely loved it. There is something incredibly powerful about connecting with other women. Knowing I am not alone in how I feel and the struggles I have and learning practices I can use to quieten the internal critic was really valuable to me….feel like anything is possible!” Workshop participant

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