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Copy Writing Service

I take care of the words that matter, so you can take care of your business.


If you’re frustrated by either a lack of time or language to create the written content for your projects or business, hiring a creative copy writer is a stress-free, articulate solution for bringing your ideas to life in words. I began offering this creative copy writing service because I felt tired of seeing so many small businesses and projects fail to flourish because they had the vision - but not the language - to share their message effectively with others.


I offer Creative Written Content for your...


- Website

- Blog

- Brochures

- Articles

- Flyers

- Posters

- Newsletters

- Online course content

- Grant submissions

- Presentations/ Speeches/Pitches 

- Handbooks and other in-depth promotional material

- Forewords and introductions for exhibitions and public programs

- Curriculums and facilitation plans for workshops

- Any other written content for your business or project


I work with a maximum of five clients at any time. Working with me connects you with a diverse and talented team of professionals who can collaborate with you – should you need them – to enhance all aspects of your business or project direction. My team includes a business coach, online video producers, website designers, graphic designers, and other creative mavericks. 


My creative copy-writing clients have included many respected organisations both in Australia and internationally, as well as social enterprise startups, boutique businesses and independent creative programs. My personal writing has been featured in international journals and numerous online publications. Aside from an innate love for crafting words, I have extensively read, applied, and trained in creative content writing with leaders in the field, including Alexandra Franzen, Brook McCarthy, Seth Godin and Danielle LaPorte - among others.



How Does it Work?


I offer two options for working together depending on your needs, availability, and vision.


Option 1: Creative Copy Writing  - the ‘no effort on your part’ option.














This option is for you if...


You just want to get on with what you’re good at (whatever that may be) and delegate your written projects to a creative professional who can support you to do just that.


You’ve got the idea but not the words. You want it done, but don’t have the time to think too much about it as you’re too busy doing what you do best, which isn’t writing.


You want to hand over a brief, and trust that someone else has the talent to deliver you the kind of quality written content you’ve hoped for, with minimal effort on your part.


In this case, you hire me as your Creative Content Writer. You and I have an initial meeting in which we discuss your needs and ideas. We review any ideas or writing you’ve collated to date. I then take what you’ve got so far, write independently, and return the work to you for review, with a negotiated number of edits. 


This option is generally more expensive than the second option because it takes more time on my part than the collaborative approach, but significantly less effort for you.



Option 2: Creative Content Collaboration - the ‘lets bring this to life together’ option.













This option is for you if...


You enjoy collaboration and putting your signature on the work you put out into the world, but don’t feel that your own writing brings the panache you’re looking for to make an impression on your customers or clients.


You’re keen to improve your own writing and feel you’d benefit from quality support and guidance, as you capture ideas from your head and get them onto the page in an eloquent way.


You have ideas and some writing already but want to refine it and give it that shimmering quality.


As your writing collaborator, we work together side-by-side (or on Skype) to hone in on your writing project and bring it to life, so your voice is infused throughout the piece. This is a process that requires curiosity and commitment from both you and me, as we work together to bring your vision to fruition through our combined focus.


Creative Content Collaboration is fun and dynamic. You get to pick up on many tools of writing that you can apply yourself as you continue to refine the written offerings of your business or project. 


How Much Does it Cost?


I charge a flat rate of $65 per hour.

Larger or ongoing projects can be negotiated.


If you're interested in discussing your ideas or project, contact me. Let's talk.

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